I come not to bury #Bell customer service but to praise it #LdnOnt


            Yesterday, when I noticed my Sympatico home Wi-Fi was down, I had the same two thoughts everyone in that situation has: When will it be fixed and how many hours will I spend on the phone Monday fighting with someone to make it happen?

            Like anyone who ever bought a Dell computer – that was a thing, kids, in the 90s – I have less than fond memories of lying on the floor of my office with the speakerphone on, trying to read some 4-point-type serial number to a guy half way around the world who was just getting started on a 35-point checklist to diagnose my problem, the first question on which was: Is your computer plugged in?

Don't ever say this blog isn't rich with images. Here's a picture of a modem. A modem, people.

Don't ever say this blog isn't rich with images. Here's a picture of a modem. A modem, people.

            So I was far from optimistic when I called Bell this morning to report my frozen modem. My mood brightened somewhat when I waited only 15 seconds for someone to answer my call. Not only that, the person was the right person to help, not a person to find a person who would ask a person if that person could help.

            This person was friendly and within two minutes had diagnosed the issue – a faulty power supply. She could send a new one or I could go to a Bell store and pick one up, right away. She listed the Bell stores nearby with the right plug in stock. I chose the nearest – Masonville Place for those scoring at home – and she contacted them so they’d be expecting me.

            Don’t get me wrong. I was still skeptical. I fully expected to bring home the new plug and still have no Internet service.

            When I got to the Bell store, there was no line. Huh? And the guy behind the counter had my plug ready and waiting. I was out of there in three minutes. No charge. I was still skeptical.

            When I got home I plugged in the modem with the new power supply and waited. Green lights flashed, and flashed, and then, voila! It sprang back to life.

            So I come not to bury Bell customer service but to praise it. A complicated system of people and technology came together this morning to make one customer in London, Ontario very happy.