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Having published my first novel last month, I can tell you there’s only one thing better than a positive review from someone you know who took the time to read your book: A positive review from someone you don’t know!

            As you may have noticed from my website and various media, social and otherwise, I published Pulling Strings last month. It’s available for all tablets and e-readers and also as a paperback from Amazon.com. As I’ve blurbed many times, it’s a thriller/murder mystery about politics, baseball and sex – not necessarily in that order.

Page 1 of 324...

Page 1 of 324...

            The response so far has been very encouraging. I’ve heard from a bunch of people who have enjoyed it and are looking forward to my next book – working title: Tangled Strings. (I know, I have a thing about strings.)

            Selling a book takes as much time and effort as writing it, as I’m learning, and it’s easy to get discouraged when you see your novel listed somewhere around No. 250,000 on the Amazon.com sales ranking. I got up into the 400s on Amazon.ca the first week the book was available, but there are millions of indie books out there, so the challenge is to lead potential readers to your book.

            And that’s where reviews come in. Let’s be honest, if you see something, anything, listed online and 100 people have given it four or five stars, you are more likely to buy it. But let’s be honest, leaving reviews is a chore, and the motivation is greater to review something we hate than something we love.

            So when this review popped up today, it was very encouraging:

5.0 out of 5 stars

AWESOME Read Jan. 9 2015

By Lori Gaudette - Published on Amazon.com

 What an awesome read! I love baseball and knew very little about American Politics - I learned a lot while being highly entertained through the flow of this story. I could not put the book down - from page 1 until the end, I was caught up in a story that showed great characters with personalities and lives intermingling with a surprise ending! Loved the book and hope to read more from this author.


Just like when this one arrived a couple of weeks ago:

5.0 out of 5 stars

When will Christopher Clark release his next thriller? Dec 26 2014

By Mike King

Format:Kindle Edition

Should one read a book on Christmas day? There are many subjects covered with skill and knowledge which kept me at the book until finished, in one sitting. I believe this story has something for everyone and two family members are anxious to get it. Christopher has the correct set of skills to keep any reader anxious to get to the next chapter and hopefully future books with some of the same characters. Can't imagine a much better first book. Well done Mr. Clark.


Of course, it’s self-serving to write a blog and quote people who love my book, but guess what? If you want to sell the book you’ve spent a year or more writing, designing and editing, you’ve got to be a little self-serving. So bear with me while I mention one more review that was very encouraging:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Pulling Strings captured my attention from the first pages until ... Dec 20 2014

 By Chris Constantine - Published on Amazon.com

Format:Kindle Edition

Pulling Strings captured my attention from the first pages until its riveting conclusion. For fans of political intrigue, Clark deftly weaves a story of 'curveballs' that had me flipping pages eagerly. Each character overcomes multiple obstacles to ensure a brighter future, whether it be in the high stakes game of American politics or the climb up the proverbial ladder for an up and coming Major League Baseball prospect. Clark offered a glimpse into both worlds that was refreshing for even the most seasoned political or baseball follower. Give this book every opportunity to capture your fascination. For a first time novel writer, Clark will want to pursue this avenue in the future because his future is a bright one.

There you have it, a few reviews of my novel. I’ll close with two points.

You can read the first several chapters of Pulling Strings right here on my website to see if it appeals to you.

And if you read a book, any book, you like, you can be sure the author would love to receive a review, posted wherever you bought the book.