I don't care what you think about the weather #LdnOnt

            I was standing in line today at my favourite small grocer, @Remark_London, and overheard a conversation about the weather. That’s hardly surprising, given how much time Canadians spend talking about the topic.

            The gist of the conversation was that person A felt the spring and early summer have been too wet, while person B enjoys rain and spent some time this very morning walking in said rainfall.

            OK, good to know. Thanks.

            As Derek Smalls asks in This is Spinal Tap, “Can I raise a practical question at this point?”

            Who cares? Who honestly cares whether Person A or Person B is happy or unhappy with the general state of the weather today, this week, this month or ever?

            Let’s stipulate that everyone has a weather zone he or she considers perfect. Some like heat; others don’t. Some crave humidity; others don’t. Some enjoy a crisp winter’s day while others would rather stay inside from December to March.

            There are more than seven billion people on earth and more than seven billion opinions on what the perfect weather conditions are. Who damn well cares?

            As climate change is demonstrating every day, we humans cannot dictate what type of weather we want. We simply react to what comes, sometimes very well and sometimes so inadequately that people suffer and die. Until there comes a time when we can tap an app on our smart phones and dial up the weather conditions we want for a particular day, there’s no point in discussing whether we are happy or sad about the weather around us that day.

            There’s general agreement that hurricanes, blizzards and tornadoes are lousy weather conditions. Besides that, there will always be someone happy with the weather and someone else, standing three feet away, who is unhappy with the very same weather.

            Go ahead and talk about the forecast -- about frost that might kill the tomatoes or snow that’s going to close the highway. That’s good to know.

            What isn’t good to know or hear is the categorization of the weather as good or bad, filtered through your prism of weather perfection. Please shut up. No one cares and it just doesn’t matter.