More on my @LdnIncMag Oct. cover story about @MyVoyago #LdnOnt

Here’s a little game I’ve been playing, often against my will, for the last few weeks. Be warned, if you live in the London area and read this, you might find yourself playing the game too.

Ever since I wrote about the transformation of Voyageur Transportation Services to Voyago, (this month’s London Inc. cover story) I’ve seen Voyago vans and buses all over the place, every single day. I guess they were there all along – after all, the company made the switch several months ago. But I did not notice a single Voyago vehicle until the middle of last month after meeting with company president Theresa Matthews and COO Corey Jarvis.


They made the switch for many reasons, but primarily to take the company and its dispatch system into the new age of Uber apps and on-demand transportation. The Voyago team has big plans to expand its school bus service across Ontario and into other parts of Canada. Same for its patient transfer service, now called Voyago Health.

It continues to operate Checker Limo in London. It was a testing ground for the company’s new technology and now runs with all the efficiency and customer service of Uber itself.

When you’re driving around London in the coming days, count the number of Voyago vehicles you see. It won’t take long to rack up a handful of sightings, I guarantee it.