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              Not that long ago, when you were snaking through a crowded parking lot in search of an open spot, finding someone at the wheel of his car was a good sign. It would only be a minute or so until he’d back out and be on his way. Well, those days are over.

              People don’t drive away anymore when they jump into their cars. Unless they’re late for their next stop, they’re more likely to linger in the spot and grab their phone. Granted, that’s much better than doing it while they’re driving, but it’s still off-putting if you’re sitting waiting for a spot that isn’t going to open anytime soon.

              Not everyone on their phone is playing a game, but plenty of them certainly are. They may answer a text or like a photo, but a game notification at the top of the screen is hard to ignore…

              Games on phones have evolved very much as phones themselves have. Everyone has a phone today, and nearly everyone who has a phone has at least tried a game. For 15 years, Big Blue Bubble has quietly plugged away from its downtown London office, creating more than 100 games, some of which are among the most popular in the world.

              As you can read about in my April London Inc. magazine cover story, BBB is going to attract more attention in the coming months. A TV show based on its mega-hit game My Singing Monsters is in the works and should arrive sometime this year. It will be accompanied by a full marketing campaign, including stuffed animals and plenty of other toys to support the loveable characters.

              As exciting as that is, BBB isn’t stopping to celebrate. Next up is Concert Kings, like Monsters a music-based game. The ideas just keep coming, and millions of people sitting idly in parking lots, can’t get enough.